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Sanitary Bins and Sanitary Service

Samson  HealthCare Services provides a safe and dependable sanitary disposal service for your feminine hygiene needs

Samson HealthCare Services is a sanitary service provider with a complete feminine hygiene disposal solution. Our modern, elegant designed sanitary bins allow for safe disposal of feminine hygiene items in your washroom, such as tampons and sanitary pads; coupled with a discreet and hygienic sanitary disposal service will ensure that your customers, visitors and staff will feel comfortable.

How Samson HealthCare Services’ sanitary units and feminine hygiene disposal works

All Samson HealthCare Services sanitary bins are lined with a patented, pleasantly perfumed, anti-bacterial agent that neutralizes malodour. At each and every service, the whole sanitary unit is removed and replaced with a clean freshly charged unit.

The service is performed by security cleared, fully trained and uniformed SHS staff.  

During the sanitary service, each and every sanitary bin is returned to the depot where a specially designed washing machine renders each unit hygienically clean at 82oC; dried and set-up on trolleys and checked for best presentation. The waste is transported by a licensed operator and disposed in accordance to EPA guidelines.  

Quality audits are performed regularly by our Customer Service team.

As a Sanitary Service provider, Samson HealthCare Services offers two kinds of sanitary units – both of which conform to all applicable workplace legislations while offering a safe, convenient and dependable service. As well as providing a complete range of modern designed coordinated fully serviced and managed toilet hygiene service products.

As a provider of sanitary services SHS is proud to acknowledge our continuous preferred supplier status with the NSW government for over 14 years and registered with Government Best Buy agencies..

As a commercial sanitary service provider SHS is proud to acknowledge an outstanding record of staff and client retention with over 35 years in the sanitary service business.